“The Peninsula authorities have benefitted hugely from Coast Communications involvement in the development of our Peninsula Rail Task Force 20 year plan for rail. They have supported our campaign with successful stakeholder engagement events which has raised the profile of the issues we face with a fragile and vulnerable rail network. Coast have particularly excelled in delivering clear and compelling messages for our South West MPs to lobby for improved reliability and resilience, better connectivity and enhanced capacity and comfort. We are now reaping the benefits of these efforts with Ministers committing to a significant rail investment programme, which will enable our economy to continue to thrive and grow.”
Councillor Andrea Davis, Chair of Peninsula Rail Task Force

“Coast are our right-hand team! They provide myself and my team with professional communications and PR advice and support whenever and wherever we need it, but more than that, they are accessible and approachable people – and just very easy to do business with.”
Shelley Benson, Communications Director, Eurovia

“In my experience the Coast team have been personable, professional, flexible and well connected.  They invested time to understand us and our needs, and that has meant they’re easy to work with.  It has also paid dividends in their ability to amplify National Parks England’s messages nationally and to reach the heart of Government.  We consider them an integral and valuable part of our team.”
Paul Hamblin, Executive Director, National Parks England

“Coast PR team is very reactive and flexible, which is definitely sensible in our demanding industrial worksite activity. Their network is very wide, that is always useful to anticipate some constraints and decisions to make our project life easier. Coast team’s best skills: ability to manage communication with every kind of stakeholder in almost any situation, with calm, clarity and professionalism.”
Mathieu Catalano, EPC Project Director, CNIM

“We use Coast for many of our jobs that require timely and precise public consultation, and community research and engagement. Their services have proven to be crucial in educating the public on the details and benefits of our Planning Applications and development proposals. The Coast Communications team is well-qualified, and their project delivery is always well put together and consistently prompt.”
Mark Cherrington, Cherrington Planning Ltd

“Coast Communications bring a wealth of experience in the waste management sector and have led the stakeholder engagement from construction through to the operation phase of our project in Northwich, excellently. As part of this ongoing stakeholder relations work, they have established a Local Liaison Committee which is a useful forum for providing open discussion between industry and community, building relations to ensure a transparent relationship is continued throughout the project.  We highly value their work and would recommend their services.”
Emma Toulson, Lead Stakeholder Relations Advisor, Ørsted