• Local communities

    Coast can help you engage and consult communities. We have run successful public consultations and exhibitions across the UK connecting our clients with local people and decision-makers.

  • Stakeholder analysis

    We will help you understand your audience and support your team members as they connect with the people they need to reach. Our stakeholder analysis also gives you early warning of any risks to your project – and actions to minimise them.

  • Local Liaison Committees

    We have wide experience of setting up and running local liaison committees, a great way to involve communities and give our clients the chance to explain and promote their project. They are often the best way to improve communications on the ground in a challenging environment.

  • Web and social media

    We set up and run fast-reaction online platforms to give you an authentic voice, and help you engage with community groups and the wider public. We can make sure your online presence is responsive, consistent and confident.

  • Change Communications

    Managing change is always a challenge – but we can ease the process. Coast can make sure your team is kept up to date with accurate information and opportunities to raise concerns and shape the outcome. However sensitive the issues, we know how to help you lead a successful change project while protecting your reputation and productivity.

  • Internal Communications

    We can help you sharpen up internal communications – a proven way to boost your team’s engagement and productivity. We have a track record of transforming internal communications, helping our clients motivate and inspire their people.