• Community engagement, public exhibitions and consultation

    Engaging with the community is essential, helping to identify, understand and address concerns, as well as secure support. We can help you connect with local people, building credibility through a programme of offline and digital engagement. Through formal and informal consultations, exhibitions and events, we can create strong and enduring relationships.

  • Stakeholder analysis

    The basic rule of good stakeholder engagement is simple – be audience focused. We undertake a comprehensive stakeholder analysis, which will help you understand your audience, where to find them and how to reach and influence them.

  • Local Liaison Committees

    Informing, as well as listening, understanding and addressing concerns are the first steps in securing local support. By establishing a Local Liaison Committee, we involve and talk with the community, giving our clients and the public a chance to share their views. It is a proven way of building support and opening communication between different parties, often in challenging environments.

  • Web and social media

    Community groups are quick to communicate through social media and digital platforms. Being responsive is vital so we create an authentic digital voice for our clients by building an online presence that has confidence, consistency and conviction.

  • Change Communications

    Managing organisational change in the workplace can be complicated and stressful, but ensuring employees are well informed, with plenty of opportunities to air concerns can ease a transition process. Being mindful of the sensitivity of the situation, we take a coordinated approach to help navigate any difficulties, whilst protecting reputation and productivity.

  • Internal Communications

    Staff and partners can be a company’s best advocates or its harshest critics. By engaging with your internal audiences, we can help you improve organisational communications. Our aim is to forge a shared outlook and understanding with a commitment to achieving goals.