• Public exhibitions and consultations

    Public exhibitions are a great way to exhibit project information and connect with the general public. Often, they can be used to support a consultation process. Coast offers a complete package for public exhibitions from planning and coordination, through to attendance and post-exhibition reporting. Virtual options are also available, making the most of the collateral and engaging with the community.

  • Facilitated workshops

    A workshop can help bring together people, creating a shared sense of purpose. Whether it’s launching, reviewing or developing a concept, scoping a new mission or partnership, every workshop must have a purpose with clear objectives to achieve a useful outcome. Coast can plan, coordinate and facilitate your event to ensure you get the most out of your session.

  • Jobs fairs and ‘meet-the-buyer’ events

    ‘Meet-the-buyer’ events and jobs fairs can give your project access to the products, skills and knowledge required to drive your project forward. Promoting local labour that is available can help support your project on many fronts. We plan and coordinate industrial events to our clients’ needs to support project recruitment and procurement.

  • Launch events

    Launch events are vital to showcase new products, business or ventures. We combine our knowledge of events, publicity and public relations to develop a launch event that will promote your project (or campaign) to the right people.

  • Local Liaison Committees

    Informing as well as listening, understanding and addressing concerns is the first step in securing support. By establishing a Local Liaison Committee, we involve and talk with the community, giving our clients and the public a voice. We remain involved with the group, providing secretariat and communications support throughout its existence.

  • Parliamentary receptions

    Parliamentary receptions are a great way of getting stakeholder views in front of those who can influence policy makers. Our carefully planned, properly resourced and well organised events, with post-event services, drive campaigns forward.

  • Webinars, live-streamed and other online events

    COVID-19 has increased the use of digital tools in many workplaces and communications is no exception. Digital events have meant client projects could still move forward, even in a time where face-to-face events have not been possible. Moving forward, the digital shift provides an opportunity and an important way of connecting with your audiences, no matter the distance.