• Strategy

    Identifying and assessing the potential industrial relations risks to a project is vital to create an effective management plan. Our industrial relations strategies aim to foster good relations in the first instance and are supported by action plans to ensure people know what to do should an issue escalate.

  • Monitoring

    The widespread use of social media means that grievances can be aired easily and negative campaigns can galvanise support rapidly. Our daily monitoring service examines digital channels and the media, providing an early warning system for any potential disruption.

  • Day-to-day communications management

    Communications lie at the heart of good, productive working relationships. Ensuring that this happens on the ground is key to keeping the project on time and budget. Our services support the delivery of day-to-day communications on site, with neighbours, local suppliers and in the community.

  • Events

    ‘Meet-the-buyer’ events and jobs fairs give your project access to the skills and knowledge to drive your project forward. We plan and coordinate industrial events to our clients’ needs, supporting project recruitment and procurement and promoting the local labour available.

  • Training

    Knowing how to talk to your workforce, partners, clients, the media and trade unions is vital for good relations. Whatever your needs are, our training workshop will provide you with the knowledge and tools to get your message heard. From toolbox talks to safety presentations, media training to mediation, we can help you.