• Action plan

    The art of keeping cool in a crisis is the ability to rapidly assess the situation, consider the options and any implications, before planning it, communicating it and taking action. Thinking ahead takes the heat out of the situation, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Our team are skilled in determining the essential facts to develop a working plan leading you out of the crisis and into the contain stage, before looking at recovery.

  • Media management

    A measured response needs to be timely and delivered by able spokespeople who will inspire trust. We provide a 24-hour press office service and guidance to support clients, creating clear messaging, concise briefings and media coaching, or training when needed.

  • Reputation management

    When the news is bad, the best response is one that acknowledges the situation and reduces adverse impact. Once the worst is over, it is time to review the incident and look to the future. We work with clients to create a recovery plan, helping to re-establish credibility and repair reputation.