• Campaign management

    A carefully planned public relations campaign can get results that matter. Our campaigns are built on collaborative, multichannel communications, a strong message, many voices with a shared commitment. We communicate through trusted sources, influences, websites, traditional media, social media to get our clients heard.

  • Strategic communications

    It is not just about the number of social media hits or volume of press releases sent out. To get real value from your communications, they need to be aligned to your business and achieve actual change. We can help you plan and deliver strategic communications that are distinctive, effective and help your organisation reach its goals.

  • Media relations

    Whether digital online channels or traditional print and broadcast media outlets, media relations and photo calls remain highly valuable elements of public relations. We develop and maintain media relations for our clients, galvanising support for campaigns, minimising negative coverage and enhancing reputation and profile.

  • Social media

    Social media is integral to everyday life. It can be a place to gather great reviews, but it can also breed negativity. Whatever the situation, our approach is to develop an authentic online voice for our clients together with a strategy to handle an online presence, regardless of the situation.

  • Reputation management

    Good reputation management comes from good public relations. Whether protecting or enhancing your reputation, we take a tailored approach. Knowing when to take action, how to respond or when to hold back is a carefully judged decision and very much depends on an individual client or campaign.

  • Copywriting

    The right words will reflect your brand, build confidence and inspire action. Our skilled copywriters have an inclusive, thorough and can do attitude, working with you to create compelling content to connect you to your audience.