Being based in an old converted building does have its challenges, so we have installed better insulation and also regularly review our energy suppliers to ensure we make the best use of renewables.

We don’t subscribe to a throwaway culture. We like our tools, technology and materials to last. When we do have to replace things, we always try to recycle, rehome or reuse if we can. In addition, we sort our business waste to ensure that as far as we can, all day-to-day waste is recycled and materials are reused. We promote sustainable printing practices, encouraging the use of digital platforms over hard copies. Our used ink cartridges are recycled and the profits are given to our current charities: RNLI and Alzheimers UK.

Choosing local suppliers not only supports our local community, but can also reduce the environmental impact of our project materials by reducing delivery distances. We have local farm milk and have installed a water filtration system to avoid using a bottled water cooler. We always aim for local, whether that is local to our office or to our projects, and we encourage our clients to do the same.

Before Covid-19, our work involved extensive travel, using public transport or car sharing. We have always used a variety of communications platforms, including call and video conferencing, but the pandemic has transformed how we do business, with increased home and flexible working as well as online meetings. We will ensure these more flexible working practices will continue to be part of Coast’s day to day operations. We continually review our policies and procedures to ensure that we can maintain our ongoing commitment of looking after our environment and keeping our team and clients safe.