Peninsula Transport reaction to shaping the future of England’s roads announcement

Responding to yesterday’s announcement on shaping the future of England’s strategic roads for the next Road Investment Strategy period (2025-2030), Councillor Andrea Davis, Peninsula Transport Chairman said:

“The publication of these documents marks the start of the consultation process which will help determine which schemes and initiatives will be included in the next 5-Year investment programme due to commence in 2025. Peninsula Transport will continue to work with National Highways to ensure the needs of our area are recognised and considered in prioritising government investment. We are now taking the time to review the documentation with colleagues and will set out our full response in due course. Future road investment must continue to support our ambitions for net-zero and it is vital that our transport links are safe, of a high standard, offer resilience and reliability, and are able to cope with future demand. We encourage those living, working and travelling within the peninsula to also have their say.”