ADEPT comment on spending review

The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport (ADEPT) has cautiously welcomed yesterday’s spending review, whilst calling for more detail and a more coherent long-term climate change investment strategy.

Darryl Eyers, President of ADEPT, said:

“ADEPT has worked hard with Government Departments to make the case for more funding and in the short-term – from the Chancellor’s speech – this would seem to be a success, but it is clear more detail is required.

“We welcome the commitment to investment in infrastructure, transport and local economies and will continue to work with Government Departments to make the case for longer term investment in Place.

“The government’s recognition of the funding pressures in both child and adult services is good news and something ADEPT has supported throughout – it is expected that this will reduce the pressure on Place services locally.

“However, we are also aware that the real detail of this investment has not yet been released; it is important that we have clarity on this as a priority.

“Long-term planning underpins the Place sector and the Government need to ensure this is reflected in all budget decisions – as this is a 12-month budget, it makes long-term planning, budgeting and investment a real challenge.

“Whilst we also welcome the strong messages around climate change, we – like the private sector – are calling for a more structured approach towards investment and planning. Radical change is needed to tackle the climate emergency and for this we need coherent national policies, robust regulations and strong regulatory powers.”

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