Recovery planning

Now is also the time to begin planning for a transition back to normal service as lockdown eases. Social distancing measure can be expected to be in place for the time being even if the more restrictive measures are lifted. This may impact on your ways of working and business service. Some considerations for recovery may include:


      Can you business demonstrate adequate social distancing measures? Communicate any changes in ways of working with employees before they come into effect. Changes may include changes to office layout, rota and shift changes, use of digital tools, clear signage etc. A handbook or guide may be a useful reference tool if there are numerous changes.


      If you have any staff that have been furloughed, how will you handle the reinstatement process? Or following temporary closure, how will you galvanise your workforce? 


      Are hardware, equipment or premises layout changes needed to support social distancing measures?


      If you are open, share what you are doing to make people feel safe using your service. Consider a set of FAQs to demonstrate how your business will be working following lockdown.


      Do you have visitors? Will they need to be inducted into appropriate measures? Consider an email pre-visit, clear signage at the entrance or site induction.


      Can you consider the long term use of digital platform and communications to stay connected with your audience. For example digital working groups, local liaison committees, consultations, surveying etc. 


      There may be conflict between social distances and company policies environmental policies for example may encourage car sharing but this may need to be change to reflect social distancing measures. 


      Preparation can experiences of the pandemic be used to feed into your future contingency planning?