COVID-19 Communicating during lockdown and recovery planning

In response to COVID-19 many, if not all, businesses operating the UK will have changed their working practices and service provision. Businesses are operating remotely or have had to temporarily close and others are able to reopen but under strict social distancing measures. 


In any case, communications are paramount. Good communications will help a business operate more effectively, provide reassurance to staff and the public as well as keep relationships open with your workforce, clients, customers and stakeholders. The latter is particularly important for businesses that are temporarily closed.


Now is also the time to begin planning for a transition back to normal service as lockdown continues to ease. Communications will play a critical role, both internally and externally to make sure employees, customers, clients and stakeholders are aware of how the business will adapt through this period of change. It will provide a means to coordinating your team making sure everyone knows what the plan is and what they need to be doing as well as promoting that you are open for business.


We have produced a set of recommendations and considerations to help businesses communicate as lockdown eases and transition back to normal service begins. Not all recommendations will apply but it may provide some guidance and we can help if you require more assistance.

      Communications for businesses operating remotely

      Communications for businesses able to reopen

      Communications for businesses temporarily closed

      Recovery considerations