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Christmas is much merrier with a terrier: Grove Nurseriesí ĎA Winterís Tailí

Grove Nurseries, located in Landulp, Cornwall, held their Christmas nativity with a twist

19th December, 2019


Christmas is much merrier with a terrier Ė Grove Nurseriesí ĎA Winterís Tailí 


When Grove Nurseries held their Christmas nativity, staff brought a touch of Petlehem to Landulph.


With everyone getting ready for their happy collie-days with a rousing rendition of Bark the Herald Angels Sing, there was to be no Silent Night as Wise Weedy and her furry friends got ready for their starring roles. 


As the actors found themselves away in a very big kennel, decked with paws, they awaited the arrival of Santa Paws with a few Christmassy treats, and surrounded by Collie and the Ivy. With the weather turning stormy, it seemed likely they would be dachshund through the snow. 


Helped by owners Val and Andrew Brown, this paw-fect pic marked the first time Grove has brought a doggy nativity to life. 


The actors are considering whether to reprise their roles next year in ĎNazaruff the Musicalí and whether they should demand more treats. We three King Charles Cavaliers are definitely up for more gravy bones.


Val said: ďWeíve been planning ĎA Winterís Tailí all year, as itís our Fur-st Noel for many of them and have been rehearsing our very excited actors all week. Itís been a pawsome day all round and Iím pawsitivelydelighted with the result. Letís just hope that the limelight doesnít go to their paws! Ē