Stroud - ICE Launches Campaign At Capels Mill

26th March, 2013
A new campaign to promote civil engineering has been unveiled in Stroud.

The campaign, called ?This is Civil Engineering? and developed by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), was launched in association with Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd at their Capels Mill project  on 25th March.

?This is Civil Engineering? is designed to demonstrate examples of civil engineering to the general public through the display of vinyl banners and signboards at sites both during construction and immediately following completion of works.

The banners and signboards feature a QR code linked to a dedicated page on the ICE website that explains what civil engineering is and what civil engineers do. The page also contains links to more detailed civil engineering information and navigation to the rest of the ICE website for those interested in becoming civil engineers.

Trish Johnson, Regional Director for ICE South West, commented: ??This is Civil Engineering? promotes the contribution of civil engineering to society and we are proud to have a banner at the Capels Mill project, in association with Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd.

?We also have a number of other sites displaying the banners and signage across the region, which will help us to highlight the variety and importance of civil engineering to the general public.?

The Capels Mill project is to construct a new section of canal approximately 320m in length to reconnect the Cotswold Canal. The project is spilt into three separate sections; the western canal section, central canal section and Eastern canal section. At either end the canal ties into the existing canal where sections of dredging are undertaken.

Dr Simon Dunn, Project Manager for Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd, said: ?The work of civil engineers often gets taken for granted and the ?This is Civil Engineering? campaign is a great opportunity to show what we do.

?It is fantastic to have our site at Capels Mill chosen to host the campaign in the region. The project showcases some very traditional Civil Engineering with a 200m long anchored contiguous piled wall, bulk excavation of a new canal, construction of a clay liner and the placement of some 2000m3 of concrete and 250t of reinforcement to construct and form the new canal channel. With great public interest in the project, we hope that launching ?This is Civil Engineering? at Capels Mill will help raise the profile of the civil engineer.?

Other sites within the region are also now displaying the banners and signage, including the Haydon Wick Flood Alleviation Scheme in Swindon, the West Quay wall reconstruction in Somerset and Salcombe Fish Quay in Devon.