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South Devon Highway Diagrams Released For Motorists

A series of drawings has been published to help explain how the new intersections along the South Devon Highway will operate when it is completed.

22nd September, 2015
A series of drawings has been published to help explain how the new intersections along the South Devon Highway will operate when it is opened to traffic later this year.

When complete, motorists will travel through three new intersections between Newton Abbot, Kingskerswell and Torquay.

Devon County Council and Torbay Council, along with Galliford Try - the contractors responsible for constructing the South Devon Link Road - commissioned a series of easy-to-understand drawings explaining the new layouts to assist road users.

The drawings are colour-coded to show how road users should enter and exit the new dual carriageway, and how to access the interlinking local routes.

The newly constructed flyover at Penn Inn, Newton Abbot will be a single lane in each direction.  The reason is that about half of the traffic from the north and south will leave the A380 at the roundabout for destinations in the Newton Abbot area, with the remaining half travelling over the flyover.

At the south end of the new South Devon Highway, the large Edginswell junction will be a traffic light controlled junction.  The sheer capacity of this junction will ensure queuing is kept to a minimum, along with the implementation of an intelligent traffic controlled system.  

This system coordinates signals at adjacent junctions to support the traffic flows, reacting to queues and minimising delays.  This involves the Kerswell Gardens junction, which will also be amended to traffic signals with the removal of the current roundabout arrangement.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be encouraged to use the new safer routes between Penn Inn and Torquay via Kingskerswell. The purpose built footways and cycleways will use side roads and minor road as well as dedicated routes. There is no provision for cycleways on the new South Devon Highway dual carriageway.

Torbay Mayor, Gordon Oliver said:
“We understand that motorists are keen to find out how the new intersections will work and the reasons behind the design of the junctions. We hope that the diagrams help to simplify this and are useful to motorists.”
Andrew Leadbetter, Cabinet Member for Economy and Growth at Devon County Council, said:
“The South Devon Highway has been carefully designed and planned, taking into account both existing and future traffic patterns – all the intersections along the route, along with the 50mph speed limit, are intended to make the route work as smoothly and as safely as possible."
Chris Hastings, Project Director at Galliford Try said:
“Commissioning these drawings has two purposes: firstly to help road users plan their new routes and let them know what to expect.

“Secondly, we hope they will reassure people that the intersections are quite straightforward.”
The construction of the South Devon Link Road is due to complete ahead of schedule in the autumn of this year, with the flyover at Penn Inn due to open in advance.

The drawings are also available to download from the South Devon Link Road website: