ADEPT welcome Sadiq Khan's new Transport Strategy

22nd June, 2017
The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) has welcomed the Mayor of London's consultation document launched on 21st June.

Immediate Past President, Rupert Clubb said:  "We welcome 'The Mayor's Transport Strategy' which offers a bold vision for the future of transport provision, as one that chimes with ADEPT members facing the same issues across the country.

"Having just held our annual President's Meeting, where we discuss the Association's policies and strategies for the coming year, this is a document we can all support. It provides the cohesive thinking that is needed to ensure our transport infrastructure is fit for the future.

"It's no secret that our transport systems are under immense strain, but we also need to get much smarter in how we use them. The consultation document lays out for the public, the very real choices we face as Local Authorities right across the country and provides the opportunity to examine both the challenges and the potential solutions we need to put in place."

ADEPT has recently submitted its response to the Government's consultation: ‘Tackling nitrogen dioxide in our towns and cities.'  The Association has called on the Government to take a more active role and enable greater flexibility than that proposed in the draft plan. It would like to see charging introduced within Clean Air Zones for the most polluting vehicles.

Rupert continued: “Local authorities recognise the magnitude of the problem of air quality across our towns and cities, and the significant impact it has on the health of local populations and the environment.

“We are positively committed to continuing action. However, the scale of the challenge is beyond that which can be managed using local budgets and initiatives.

"Sadiq Khan has recognised how reshaping our transport systems can make a positive contribution to our communities, our economy and our environment. By pulling charges into one system and setting out clear ambitions for zero emissions by 2020, cutting daily car journeys by three million and aiming for 80% of Londoners' trips to be on foot, cycle or public transport by 2041, he is providing a direction that is not coming from Government."

ADEPT has already called for more emphasis on demand management, behavioural change and alternative transport provision, all of which are laid out in the new Transport for London consultation. The organisation is clear that if a new charging system is to be introduced, it  is essential that councils are resourced to support local public transport provision.

Rupert said: "If we introduce clear charges and encourage people to get out of their cars, then we agree with the Mayor, the alternatives have to be practical and appealing.”