Road Safety Trust Grant Programme

21st May, 2019
Road Safety Trust’s current grant programme remains open for applications until 21st June.

The Road Safety Trust is inviting applications for its grant programme ‘Innovative Traffic Calming and Provision for Vulnerable Road Users’ with a closing date of 21 June 2019.

The programme’s objectives are to generate new knowledge about what works, to translate ideas into new measures, to influence road safety policy and practice and to support partnership working and collaboration for the benefit of UK road users.

In its ‘Guidance for Applicants’, the Trust advises that projects ‘will be expected to outline the outcomes and impact for road safety that may be expected from the research or practical intervention, how these outcomes have been calculated and how they will be achieved’.

Road Safety Trust chief executive Sally Lines OBE explained that the Trust was committed to making roads safer in the UK and achieving impact through the funding of practical measures, research, dissemination and education.

“Traffic calming measures range from traditional engineering solutions through to more innovative interventions, so we are keen to understand the factors influencing the effectiveness of particular measures. Why do they work? How are they evaluated? How can they be replicated with similar success elsewhere?” she said.

“There are many types of vulnerable road user, or many reasons why they might be vulnerable, such as the amount of protection they receive in a road environment, or because their capability of dealing with the road environment is limited. We suspect that data to measure the full extent of the problem is missing.

“Making proper provision for vulnerable road users should be a key part of any casualty reduction initiative, and we understand that within the scope of ‘provision’ there are many possibilities.

“We believe that through this year’s grant programme, there are some exciting and worthwhile opportunities to make a tangible and sustained difference to the risks faced by our most vulnerable road users.”

Full details of eligibility and how to apply are available online. Applications must be received by Friday 21 June.

For more details about how to apply, as well as general information on the Road Safety Trust, please visit