New speed monitoring measures introduced along South Devon Link Road site

26th September, 2014
New speed monitoring measures are being put in place along the South Devon Link Road construction site.

A temporary 40 mph speed restriction was introduced on Hamelin Way, Torquay earlier this year to ensure the safety of road users and construction staff.

The new speed limit was imposed because the area had become a busy location with construction work being carried out adjacent to the road.

A week-long traffic monitoring operation was recently undertaken by the Peninsula Road Safety Partnership.

This operation revealed that some motorists are choosing to ignore the new 40mph limit. To combat this, the partnership will be carrying out a series of mobile speed camera operations to record any offences.

The operations will continue until the South Devon Link Road project is complete.

The intention of this exercise is to encourage motorists who are ignoring the legal limit to adopt safer driving methods on one of the busiest stretches of road in the Bay, with the aim of creating a safer environment.