Saltash Named A Transition Town

28th July, 2010
RESIDENTS in Saltash are celebrating after their community became the latest to be named a Transition Town.

The Cornwall town is one of more than 160 communities across England - and 260 worldwide - to join the Transition network.

The initiative, led by Saltash Environmental Action, is called Saltash-in-Transition.

A transition town raises awareness about peak oil and climate change through a series of practical initiatives. SEA will aim to connect with existing groups in the community, build bridges with local government and form groups to look at key areas of life – such as food, energy and transport.

The Transition movement is about the change from never-ending growth, high energy consumption and massive pollution and waste to a new style based on more localised production and consumption with minimal waste and pollution.

A Transition Town group aims to let people determine a new way of living before nature imposes its own constraints.

Roger Creagh-Osborne, of Saltash Environmental Action, said: "It's great news that we have officially joined the Transition network. It just shows what communities can do when they act together. The failure of the Copenhagen Climate Change talks illustrate how difficult it is for political leaders to agree changes if we the people are not already making progress on the ground. Politicians do not lead - they follow us, the citizens who elect them.”

Katie Maltbeck, who is coordinating the project in Saltash, added: “The process of developing a Transition movement in Saltash will involve people from all over the town coming together to work out how we want our town to be in 2025 given the likely effects of both increasing difficulty in obtaining fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) and the increasing dangers involved in using them."

Saltash Environmental Action is planning a series of events this spring and summer to consider the key aspects of Transition and how best to prepare for the future.

To find out more about Saltash-in-Transition news and events and how to get involved, go to the Saltash Environmental Action website at or email