Lostock Works - Residents urged to have have their say on the proposal

22nd September, 2015
This week sees the end of DONG Energy’s public consultation for REnescience Northwich, the proposed new bioresource facility for Lostock Works.

Using DONG Energy’s patented REnescience technology, the facility will recover resources from waste and generate renewable electricity through treatment with enzymes, mechanical sorting and anaerobic digestion.

The consultation started in early July with a series of public exhibitions held in Lostock Gralam and Rudheath. A further round of exhibitions took place earlier this month to explain how DONG Energy has responded to the comments received.

REnescience is capable of a higher capture rate of organic materials than many other technologies and can help to achieve higher recycling rates, reducing the need for other treatment and disposal. The facility does not involve incineration and, depending on the composition of the waste (which can vary over the year), it almost completely eliminates the need for any landfill.  In addition to the materials for recycling, the plant will produce biogas and generate approximately 5MW of renewable electricity.

The plant will require about 24 full-time local employees to operate it. Constructing and maintaining the facility will also create local jobs as construction contractors, electricians and metal workers will be needed.

Residents can find out more by visiting, emailing or writing to PO Box 357, Saltash, PL12 9AQ. The closing date for comments is midnight on Saturday 26 September 2015.