Martin Hutchings Achieves Elite Status

19th September, 2012
Local engineer, Martin Hutchings, has been awarded membership of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

ICE membership (MICE) can be awarded to a wide range of engineers practising in the broad area of civil engineering. Martin, who has met all the requirements of the ICE?s Chartered Professional Review, is now entitled to add the letters MICE to his name and adopt the Institution?s own protected title of ?Chartered Civil Engineer?.

ICE's professionally qualified grades of membership are internationally recognised and highly valued. Attainment of these is widely viewed as a significant achievement and a benchmark of an engineer's competence and professional standing.

?Trish Johnson, ICE South West Regional Director, commented: ?Civil engineering is an important engineering discipline sitting right at the heart of society. It is all about creating, improving and protecting the infrastructure that we all depend on in our day-to-day lives ? from bridges, roads and railways right through to energy networks and water and waste infrastructure. The magnificent 2012 Olympic venues and surrounding infrastructure are also the work of our civil engineers.   

?Achieving Chartered Civil Engineer status is a significant personal and career achievement and we welcome Martin into the Institution.?

Martin, a Flood Risk Manager for Devon County Council, said: ?I am thrilled to become a Chartered Civil Engineer. Initially, I wanted to become an engineer because I enjoyed the problem solving and technical drawing. Now it has developed into a rewarding career with plenty of opportunities and challenges.?

The opportunity to join ICE is available to civil engineers, technicians and technical/scientific specialists at every stage of their professional career, from students and apprentices to senior board directors.