Exeter energy from waste takes first delivery

26th March, 2014
The Exeter Energy from Waste plant is scheduled to take its first waste delivery on Monday 7th April.

Following the end of the cold commissioning testing process, the facility is ready to enter a new stage of commissioning that should lead to full scale operations from July.

Although the first waste will be delivered on Monday, the first combustion steps will not take place until later in the week. Sufficient waste has to be brought to the plant, which also has to be fully prepared internally to receive and handle waste for the first time, and then allowed to reach the correct temperature before any operations can ensue.

The process, which is known as ‘hot commissioning’ is part of the vigorous testing procedure that the facility has to undergo before it is ready to accept regular deliveries of waste.

TIRU representative Ian Crummack said: “ We do not anticipate any issue or disruption for local residents from the hot commissioning process, but it is important to ensure that everything is running smoothly. During normal operations there should be no smell, dust or noise, and we will do all we can to be good neighbours. ”

Whilst construction traffic will slowly reduce, vehicles will be making waste deliveries to the site, as they collect rubbish from households in Exeter and the surrounding area. Once fully operational, between 35-40 journeys a day in total will be made by waste delivery trucks, alongside other vehicles which will be disposing of ash and removing ferrous / scrap metals from the site.

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