Cornish engineer achieves elite status

3rd October, 2013
Local Cornish engineer, James Lockyer, has been awarded Fellowship of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).
James is the Managing Director for James Lockyer Associates Ltd.

Respected internationally, ICE Fellowship is the highest grade of ICE membership and a benchmark for those practising at the top level within the civil engineering profession. Only those with a position of responsibility in the planning, design, construction, maintenance or management of important engineering work can be awarded this level of membership.

James was presented with his Fellowship certificate by ICE President, Professor Barry Clarke, at an admission ceremony held at the ICE headquarters in Westminster, London.

Trish Johnson, ICE South West regional director, commented: “Gaining ICE Fellowship is an exceptional achievement and I warmly congratulate James on joining an elite group of civil engineers. This highly-respected accolade recognises a significant contribution to the civil engineering profession and seniority in the industry.”

James says he became an engineer after spending his informative years taking things apart, interested in how they worked. He said: “I have always thought that engineering is as much an art as a science, and I like to say that ‘engineering is the art of putting science into practice’ which says it all for me.”

One of his career highlights so far has been Mount Pleasant Airfield in the Falklands. “I was one of the ‘pioneers’ and we started from scratch building an airfield on wet, windy and often cold moorland. It had everything in spades – quarrying, earthworks, airfield pavements, drainage and an imperative to get it done.”

“In more recent years in my own practice, projects are of a much smaller scale, but they have their own challenges and problems, and I value the close and direct contact with the public and clients.”