Chair Appointed To Community Liaison Group

25th April, 2013
A group set up to promote communications about the construction of the South Devon Link Road project has been established and is meeting on a regular basis in Kingskerswell.

Devon County Council, in partnership with Torbay Council and their contractor Galliford Try, created the group in December and asked representatives from the local community - residents, commuters and businesses - to register their interest.

The Community Liaison Group was set up to ensure questions and concerns from the local community relating to the construction of the road are raised and answered. 

The aim of the group is to enable the project to proceed smoothly with minimum impact and minimal disruption to all concerned ? it is part of a wider package of communication about the road, which includes a newsletter, monthly updates and a website.

The inaugural meeting was held in December 2012, where the aims, objectives and terms of reference were outlined to attendees.

Since then, the group has met three times and elected a chair, local resident Ken Pegden.

It meets on a regular basis to provide information and answer any issues or concerns from the local community. 

Paul Ewings, Chief Engineer (Highways and Traffic) at Devon County Council said: ?The establishment of the Community Liaison Group and the election of a chair is a major step forward in the South Devon Link Road project.

?We are committed to maintaining regular communication with residents and businesses to keep them informed of progress throughout the scheme and this group will help achieve that aim.?

Torbay Mayor Gordon Oliver said:  ?This group is playing a key role in ensuring effective communications between the project team, local residents and businesses: the election of a chair will ensure the group is effectively led, ensuring local residents and businesses have their voices heard.?

Galliford Try Project Director Jim Watson added: ?The establishment of the group has been critical in engaging with the community - we have not only been able to impart updates and information, but we?ve also received relevant and useful feedback which has enabled us to revisit our construction planning and reconsider our timelines and methods where possible.

?These two way conversations are vital to having a productive relationship with the local communities during the construction of the road.?

The newly appointed chair of the group, Ken Pegden said: ?I believe that the Community Liaison Group has an important part to play in aiding the construction team to deliver the road with as little disruption as possible to local residents, businesses and commuters.  

?We are aware of local needs and can help the developers to be proactive in responding to concerns at an early stage.?
The meetings are only open to those who are on the Community Liaison Group panel.  If you would like to get involved, or speak to someone on the group, please email:

The 5.5km dual carriageway, which will provide the long awaited bypass for Kingskerswell, was granted full approval by the government in May last year: work began in autumn 2012 and is due to be completed by December 2015.