Bridgwater - ICE Launches Campaign to Promote Civil Engineering

26th March, 2013
A new campaign to promote civil engineering has been unveiled in Bridgwater.

The campaign, called ?This is Civil Engineering? and developed by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), was launched in association with Somerset County Council at their West Quay Wall site on 25th March.

?This is Civil Engineering? is designed to demonstrate examples of civil engineering to the general public through the display of vinyl banners and signboards at sites both during construction and immediately following completion of works.

The banners and signboards feature a QR code linked to a dedicated page on the ICE website that explains what civil engineering is and what civil engineers do. The page also contains links to more detailed civil engineering information and navigation to the rest of the ICE website for those interested in becoming civil engineers.

Trish Johnson, Regional Director for ICE South West, commented: ??This is Civil Engineering? promotes the contribution of civil engineering to society and we are proud to have a banner at the West Quay Wall reconstruction site, in association with Somerset County Council.

?We also have a number of other sites displaying the banners and signage across the region, which will help us to highlight the variety and importance of civil engineering to the general public.?

The site at West Quay involves the reconstruction of a major section of old quayside wall, which collapsed in dramatic fashion in Bridgwater on the night of 4th November 2011. Well over 1000 tonnes of quayside wall and backing fill collapsed, leaving soft unstable material being eroded with every tide in the fast flowing River Parrett.

Teams have been working on the reconstruction since the collapse, although work was recently stalled for a time due to severely wet weather. In December 2012 the emergency phase, stabilising the quayside and private properties behind it, won the international contested ?Fleming Award? for Innovation and Excellence in Geotechnical Engineering.

Peter Radford, County Bridges/Structures Manager for Somerset County Council and Past Chairman of ICE South West, said: ?Civil Engineering has strong and proud traditions in the South West, going back to Stonehenge and probably before. It is very gratifying that this Somerset County Council scheme was selected as one of the sites for the launch of the ?This is Civil Engineering? campaign in the region.?

Other sites within the region are also now displaying the banners and signage, including the Haydon Wick Flood Alleviation Scheme in Swindon, the Capels Mill project in Stroud, and Salcombe Fish Quay in Devon.