ADEPT's Liz Kirkham appointed as new UK Bridges Board Chair for UK Roads Liaison Group

21st July, 2017
Liz Kirkham, Chair of the National Bridges Working Group for the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) has been appointed as Chair of the UK Roads Liaison Group’s (UKRLG) UK Bridges Board.

The UKRLG was set up in 2001 and brought together public sector organisations involved in highways management. The UK Bridges Board was set up at the same time with key partners including Highways England and Network Rail.

The Board is a source of research, best practice and advice to partners, government departments and professional bodies on all areas relating to bridges, tunnels and other key structures across the UK.  

Liz, the current Vice Chair, takes on the role when Dana Skelley steps away this month. She said: “Firstly, I want to thank Dana for all her hard work. She did a fantastic job.

“It’s an honour to become Chair of the UK Bridges Board. I’m looking forward to working with Rob Dean from Network Rail who has been appointed as Vice Chair.

“As partners, we need to work more smoothly together to develop effective planning for the future. Climate change together with resilience of bridges and critical structures present a very real challenge.

“There are real areas of opportunity provided by new technologies. Drone technology and its potential use in autonomous bridge inspections are being trialed. We will continue to use research to identify areas of need and develop smart solutions to determine best practice and achieve value.”

For ADEPT, Liz is the third member to chair a UKRLG Board. Mark Kemp, Director of Growth & Strategy at Buckinghamshire County Council is Chair of the UK Network Management Board, while James Bailey, Commissioner for Highways and the Built County at Staffordshire County Council, is Chair of the UK Roads Board.

Simon Neilson, President of ADEPT said: “Our warmest congratulations go to Liz on her new role. Her emphasis on partnership and building effective networks chimes very much with ADEPT’s core priorities and we look forward to a closer partnership with the Board through our National Bridges Working Group.

”For ADEPT to have three UKRLG Board Chairs is a measure of the commitment of our members, their expertise, and the work they put in to achieve high standards in their fields.  ADEPT’s influence on key infrastructure across the country will improve our prospects for good growth in the coming years”