• Stakeholder engagement

    Stakeholder influence is the key to a successful project. Good engagement builds trust, manages expectations and reduces risk.

    Engagement is not a tick-box exercise. It involves forging real relationships. It’s two way: listening, as well as informing. We provide an integrated service, ensuring stakeholder engagement is complemented with public affairs and public relations to help you reach and connect with the right people.

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  • Public relations

    Public relations is about getting the right messages to the right people. Effective, well-managed communications can transform the prospects of an organisation.

    There is no one route to successful public relations. Our campaigns are bespoke to every project, supporting client ambitions by building trust, establishing credibility and developing a positive reputation.

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  • Public affairs

    Communicating successfully with politicians, governments and decision makers relies on understanding their agendas, and how to create opportunities that work for them.

    It’s not just about ministers and members. Our approach establishes credibility and builds a community of influencers and advocates, including key civil servants and journalists – all part of the wider terrain.

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  • Strategy

    All effective public relations work begins with a strategy, underpinned by a plan of action, demonstrating how communications will support overall organisational goals.

    At Coast, we think that the strongest strategies are confident, focused, flexible and make the best use of available resources.

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  • Industrial relations

    Good employee and site relations support a project’s progress. Whether you’re delivering a difficult message to your workforce, dealing with industrial issues or encountering union activity, you need to talk effectively to your audiences.

    We work with all tiers of management, many trade unions and other partners to broker agreements, manage the messaging and provide a clear approach to difficult challenges.

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  • Crisis management

    No one wants to face a crisis but sometimes serious events are unavoidable. Being prepared can substantially lessen the impact of negative publicity, and can stop a situation going from bad to worse.

    Should the worst happen, our team offers hands-on support, guiding you through and developing a strategy to defuse and manage the crisis. Our network of contacts can help us get ahead of the story and bring it under control before it has time to escalate.

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  • Research

    Research is fundamental to all communications. Whether it relates to industry changes, political landscape or stakeholder opinion, up to date information underpins effective communications.

    Research informs our advice and is an integral part of our work at Coast. Tailored insight allows us to develop strategies and enable clients to react swiftly to industry changes, opportunities or potential threats as they arise.

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  • Events

    Events come in all shapes and sizes. From photo-ops and workshops to conferences, launch events, business breakfasts, indoor or open-air events.

    We aim to provide our clients with the surety of a well planned, properly resourced, and smoothly organised event, whatever its nature.

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  • Training

    Training has many benefits, from improving business productivity and promoting innovation to encouraging employee satisfaction.

    Our tailored training services are based on current best practice and help clients to further their understanding of public relations, the media, communications and public affairs.

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  • Marketing

    By using public relations alongside marketing and advertising, we can develop powerful campaigns for projects.

    Working with specialist partners, we manage the development of marketing materials to support our campaigns. We combine creative marketing with influential communications to build compelling materials.

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